Flavor Jesper Russel V2

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Flavor Jesper Russel Dennis V2 deck

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Flavor Jesper Russel V2 box konstruktion för vridstyvhet ger mer bredd och längd i en större plattform så du lättare kan landa dina tricks.

It has never been more hip to be square. With the 2nd edition of the Jasper "Jabba" Russel-Dennis signature deck from Flavor, you get a highly boxed out street ripper deck ready for the brutality of hardcore street riders.

An update to the area around the drop-outs and the rear axle means you got more support and strength in this area.

The rear dropouts help lock in your grinds and yields ample foot space for even bigger tricks. Grind rails, forged headtube, and a boxed nose make this is must have deck for dedicated street riders.

Comes in a flat black color with Jasper's signature graphics.

Deck bredd:12.2cm (4.8")
Deck längd:58.4cm (23")
Hjul diameter:100mm, 110mm
Hjul nav bredd:24mm
Deck design:One-piece
Headtube längd:105mm
Headset-type:Integrated 1 1/8"
Deck spacers:Ingår
Broms typ:Flex Fender
Broms monteringsbult:Ingår
Axel diameter:8mm
Griptape:Ingår inte